December 26, 2009

Bang Bang Slang

It’s true that young generation is not working on their language but being the part of Hindustani society they know fair Hindi and yes very little Urdu that’s why we lyricists are trying to incorporate English. Basically I want to write in that language only which young people understand. I always try to use conversational language to tackle this problem. Your thought should be good and nice, in which language the thought is being said does not matter.

It’s good that now a day lyrics are not just fillers of words. They are coming forward and coming very big way. Because the young brigade of directors and producers realized that without good lyrics they cannot give age and longevity to song, even after having good composition and singer in hand.

I mean good writing depends on the choice n taste of directors n producers. A lyricist is lyricist…if he has range then he could write any kind of song. Here I want to quote 2 of my favorite lyricists, first Sahir sahib he wrote “Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaye to kya hai” in Pyasa as well as “Kara lo teil malish”…Majrooh Sahib also wrote “Hum hain mata-e-kucha-o-bazaar ki tarah”…and he also wrote B A T bat bat maiyne balla, C A T cat cat Maiyne billi…but I want to underline here that a director can’t be good director if he/she does not have taste for music.

Some people feel that Urdu as a lungauge is fading out but according to me Urdu is not Dead and can never be,  JODHA AKBAR a period film was full of Urdu…and urdu was never be preference language of Cinema. The preferred language was Hindustani. Even today preferred language is Hindustani and now a day what a normal Hindustani speak you know.

I am remembering a Punjabi couplet about languages of a rekown urdu poet Prem Barbatni:
“Kis nu main apna kahan kis nu kahan begana
Punjabi hai je maa meri udru meri mehboob hai”
[ To whom I should say mine
To whom I should say not mine
If Punjabi is my mother
Urdu is my beloved ]

8 responses to “Bang Bang Slang”

  1. Sum Neesha says:

    Hmmm… this is my interest page.. Becoz I know, listen n write poetry. So wid gaining knowlege i will give my shayri lines also..yeh silsila hai sadiyon ka, koi aaj ki bat nahi hai, kabhie chahat hai,shokhi nazakat hai, roothna manana hai to kabhie aakrosh yaa aalochana ka bhi sangam hai meri shayari mein…Gr8 to start dis blog..Ya gud to listen about literature n poetry too..

  2. Rutuja says:

    Irshadji, Ur blog is not only going to ‘ROCK’ but also will be the ‘WOW’ thing 🙂

    —-this one- is gr8 of u – as usual 🙂 and also very interesting and informative.

  3. OMENDRA says:

    aap ka blog dekha, main ise bar bar dekhna pasand karoonga.

  4. subramanian says:

    no need to ask me u r master. this much only i can say. i iwant u to make one film at any cost. hope time is not far away. tc

  5. ameen(BABBLU) says:

    bha ji great

  6. kavita says:

    sir very precisely and gently put an important aspect of words importance in films songs .CONGRATS sir i never knew you write articles / prose too.

  7. Rachana says:

    बात भाषा की है तो मै ये कहना चाहूंगी–

    * “कोई भी हो भाषा भाव पर सरल हो,
    शब्द होँ मधुर के जैसे हो अमृत,
    ना हो कठिन कि जैसे गरल हो.

    *“हमारे शब्द तो अभिव्यक्ति की एक कोशिश भर होते हैँ,
    नम आँखेँ और हाथोँ के स्पर्श ही असल मे बोलते हैँ.”

    *“तर्क और वितर्क की भाषा समझने के लिये आप जरुर अपना दिमाग लगाईये,
    लेकिन सँवेदनाएँ समझने के लिए तो एक अच्छा सा दिल ही चाहिये.”

  8. Irshad Kamil says:

    @ Rachana well said.

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