December 26, 2009

In Tight Hug

Come closer. More. Even more. Now for a moment try to forget from where you came and to where you have to go. Close your eyes for a moment. After opening the eyes take three deep breaths. Caress your lips with your tongue and now read…

What you did after reading above few lines was not wastage of time. It was an exercise to feel what I am going to tell you. I have seen a passionate hug. A hug as romantic as journey of a lover’s fingers in beloved’s long hairs, a hug as tight as the lid of hot water bottle, a hug as pious as the closeness of our two hands in the position of prayer and a hug as long as a lonely night.

It was Friday, a real good Friday for me, when I left my home around 9AM. My shadow was with me, and I want to tell you that I love her a lot. She was looking in to my eyes with a smile on perfect cut of lips. I smiled in response without effort. Because whenever she comes she comes as a smile on my lips.

She was aware that I am going. Still she asked lovingly, “So, are you going?”

Again I smiled in response.

She continued the conversation, “I am really happy for you that you are taking a step ahead.”

I replied, “True, a step ahead with you.”

“You know this time I shall not be sad after your departure, Just because you are moving ahead.” She said and I realized that I was really moving ahead with my luggage trolley. I pushed the trolley towards a corner of the airport. My desire to talk to my shadow was at peak. Although when we talk she owns the ninety percent portion of our conversations. Have you ever heard your shadow speaking? Boosting your morals, taking you to the other world where nothing matters. She said that I know you will rock there. Just then ground staff announced about Chennai flight. I hugged her in such a manner so that she enters back into me.

Chennai. It was not my first visit in that city but the excitement was as if I am going there first time and that’s too as state guest and to meet the king of Madras. No he was not the king but Madras appears on the world map due to him. He is Mozart of Madras, A very simple, soft and sincere guy, who conquered the world of music with his original work and sheer passion.

He knows only one word in this verbose world and that world is devotion. Devotion towards music and devotion towards Allah, he is really part of God more than we are, He is Allah Rakha Rahman. After meeting him I realized that love can take you at any height on this earth. Love can make you Saint and Satan. Love can take you to Heaven or Hell. Love can break you into pieces and also can keep you in peace.

I stayed for three days with Rehman and I always find him in the tight embrace of music. I always saw that Saraswati is sitting on his left. I always saw that unsung melodies are floating on his lips. I always saw that he is in the tight hug of musical notes. I wonder why people say that he is a music director. A. R. Rehman is not a music director, he is music creator in true sense. Only I know that Humbleness is nick name of Rehman. Long live the Mozart of Madras.


10 responses to “In Tight Hug”

  1. Dear Irshad Ji,
    What I have just read is like a dream (its 1456 hrs and i wonder if its not actually a dream) have always been a fan (devotee) of Rehaman Ji.
    But the reason behind my being feeling am dreaming; is if he is Mozart of Madras then you are Charles Dickens of Chandigarh…
    How can you create this magic? How can a human write God like.
    Am grateful to Almighty for giving you a shadow such lovely am quoting your lines here “I hugged her in such a manner so that she enters back into me” and wish you all the success the “Charles Dickens of Chandigarh”…
    warm regards always
    bharat tiwari

  2. Zareef Ahmed says:

    Bahut pahle ek serial dekha tha… usme ek dialogue tha … Har insaan tarakki kar sakta hai basharte woh muhabbat karta ho… it so true …. I know it with my personal experience.

  3. Rakhi says:

    Wow… Sir, amazing…… i could feel the hug…!

  4. Rutuja says:

    Irshadji, amazed after reading this… it’s lovely and superb… U r gr8 ji

  5. Sum Neesha says:

    Really gr8 experience with AR Rehmanji…n moreover we vl get gr8 music n lyrics also with u two…

  6. Kittu says:

    Dear Irshad
    Read ur article n felt that it was the time when one great person was meeting with another.U both r devoted to music so hats off to u both.

  7. rohini says:

    …ehasaas kuch aise…andaaje bayaan kuch aise ….khuda tune bande banaaye kaise kaise….har lamhaa gajal me dhaalkar..kisse sunaaye kaise kaise…

  8. hazelbishwas says:

    No wonder the world says Jai Ho !

  9. shifa says:

    so well put, as usual. you and rahman will be a brilliant combination. looking forward to it!

  10. Manju Garhwal says:

    you are so Lucky Sir to meet AR Rahman sir…. he’s really God of Music….

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