December 26, 2009

Main Chahta Tha

Main Chahta Tha

Main barsaat ki rimjhim mein

Kisi oonchey makaan ki

Khidki ke paas

Bahut saleeke se sochna chahta tha

Tumhare bare mein meri jaan

Khayalon ke oonche makaan ki

Khidki ke paas

Barsaat ki kanwari boond ke

Dharti ki deh ko milne se pehle

Sochne wala tha main

Tumhari reshami zulfon

Sharbati aankhon

Raseele honthon

Aur meethi baaton ke bare mein

Par nazar chali gayi

Sadak pe thithurte

Do boodhey bachchon par

Ek sookhe peid par

Khaali peit par…

Maine chhalaang laga di khayalon ki khidki se

Roti ka dibba sambhaal kar

Chal diya kaam par…

Halanki barsaat ki rimjhim mein

Main bahut saleeke se sochna chahta tha

Tumhare bare mein meri jaan


18 responses to “Main Chahta Tha”

  1. ramnita says:

    bahut khoob …main chahta tha…dream vs reality and the impossibility of finding enough time and ambience for tassavur-e-jana.

  2. Halanki barsaat ki rimjhim mein
    Main bahut saleeke se sochna chahta tha
    Tumhare bare mein meri jaan…
    … ab ye to irshad ji aap hi likh sakte ho… bus aap hi

  3. irfan banday says:

    lagya rahoo we want filmfare award every year insha Allha. Anyway very beautiful indeed

  4. Sum Neesha says:

    Very fantastically discussed lines. This is 2 thoughts process in shayari.. Love n Pain…arthat saleeke se use sochna or mamta se pighalna.. superb shayari by superb Shayar Sab..

  5. shabana khan says:

    woooooooooooow that was so beautiful –u know after reading ur work sometimes i feel there r completely 2 diff. persons one whom i know as my jiju n the other one the poet ,the writer whom i dont know at all

  6. Irshad Kamil says:

    Dr Sa’b your academic interpretation of this poem is excellent. Its good we all are trying to discuss literature from heart. Plz keep visiting my page.

    Ramnita even in our day to day life we always find our self on the cross roads of Dreams and Reality.

    Bharat tareef ke liye shukriya.

    Irfan awards are like gals when you run behind them they dodge you. So let me work with sincerity without thinking about awards, they are just by products.

    Sum Neesha Tumhari Hindi kamaal ki hai…kaafi shaityak hindi hai, gud.

    Shabana “har aadmi mein hotey hain dus bees aadmi” aur poet mein to 50-60 hotey hain;-) The person you know as your Jiju is just 20% rest 80% nobody knows and no one ever tried to know. That unknown part of mine is real Irshad, and believe me that is much much better person then that u know.

  7. Rutuja says:

    very touching and deeply meaningful…

  8. mehnazjaved says:

    bhaut khoobsurat khyal ko bhaut khoobsurat anadz mein keh dena hi app ko sab se alag aur numayian bana deta hai.

  9. Chetan says:

    playing with such a simple emotions and words require special talent…mujhe b sochne par majboor kar diya, aur agar kisi shayar ki shayari kisi doosre ko sochne ko majboor kar de, nothing can be better than it………..

  10. Ajit Dhankhar says:

    behed alag ehsaash hai sir

  11. hazelbishwas says:

    kaash aapki chaahaton ke silsile ke mausam yuhi chalta rahe , chalta rahe …….

  12. hazelbishwas says:

    chalte rahe ….. chalte rahe ……

  13. Naseem says:

    Abhi Raju ne tumhari site dikhai.. bahut khoob likha hei.. dekh ke aur padh ke bahut achchha laga. Allah tala tumhein aur bhi kamyabi de.. Meri duaen hamesha tumhare saath hein

  14. hazel bishwas says:

    Every time I read your words they open a new window in my mind … your lines are beautifully simple and straight from your heart Irshad … God Bless you ! hope to see you on the top for a long long time ….your style is new and very refreshing , never change it for anything ! never ! and keep writing like this ………

  15. Irshad Kamil says:


  16. chikkibelle says:

    reality alwez penetrates our fantasy world…fact of life….
    beautiful words 🙂

  17. Irshad Kamil says:

    Chikki thanks a lot. Keep visiting.

  18. Sirajunnisha Malek says:

    Zindagi bhar ki ibaadat se wo lamha muje pyaara hai,
    Jo inshaan ne inshaan ki khidmat mein gujaara hai…

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