December 26, 2009

Once There Was A Lover

No, I am not telling any false tale. Its true and it will remain true forever. Once there was a lover, a true lover, who was in love with his beloved like a crazy soul. He was living in a very small village. You please try to guess his name and I will try to give you some clues of his love story.

This lover was from Punjab, a culturally and agriculturally very rich state. He was in his teens when he first realized that living like a routine guy is not his cup of tea. He is meant for some big things, and for him nothing was bigger than ISHQ.

He was a very tender guy, very smart, and very intelligent as well. No you are guessing wrong he was not RANJHA. He was more intense lover. In his teens he imagined about his beloved and fell in love with her. When the other guys of his age were trying to borrow the thoughts from their elders, he was trying to find new ways to get that unexplainable beauty, which was making him crazy day and night.

Every moment of his life he uses to spend in dreams of that beauty, in his every dream he saw her in the bridal dress. Sometimes he imagines that he is flying on the horse of courage with his bride in his lap. He was courageous, eloping with beloved or bride was not beyond his reach or imagination. Any guess about this lover? No again you guessed wrong he was not MIRZA.

But that lover was aware that he alone cannot win his beloved, alone he can’t clean the hurdles of his path, and alone he can’t make a difference to the world, which was created by his imagination and his dreams. So, he searched two friends to help him, and luckily he found equally motivated, imaginative and dedicated friends.

For last clue let me tell you his friends name were Raj Guru n Sukhdev. Yes, this time you guessed right, I was talking about Bhagat Singh, A 23 year old guy of undivided Punjab who laid his life for his beloved ‘Freedom’ with his two best friends. He uses to say that ‘Freedom’ is my bride and I will bring her home one day. March, 23rd 1931 was the day when he was engaged with herand kissed her on the expense of his own life. His two friends were also hanged to feel the freedom of soul from body. We are living with ‘Freedom’ and those guys who gave us this precious beloved has vanished from our memories. Today, it’s 23rd March, and I am remembering them. ARE YOU?


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  1. Zareef Ahmed says:

    Honestly speaking, Not, I was not remembering them, but as soon as I hit the word “freedom”, Only Bhagat singh was the answer….

  2. Manju Garhwal says:

    Watan ke shahido ne apni zindgi se hame azaadi di lekin hum apne dilo mein bhi unhein zinda nahi rakh paaye…..

  3. Irshad Ji Jai Hind!!!
    Ye un aankhon ko khol sakta hai jinhone khuli aankho se aur padi kitabon main sir kuch kale harf hi dekhe hain…
    Bhagwan aap Ko Aur Shakti De…
    Bhagat Singh Ji Ko Sat Sat Naman

  4. Wow Irshad Sir, I loved way you intensely expressed love and importance of the freedom of our country… only you can do this…!

  5. Rutuja says:

    This is very meaningful and impactful.

    You are doing very gr8 thru this blog… the way thru ur status msgs u have made facebooking gr8 experience … this blog is also rocking gr8ly…

    Hats off to U ji 🙂

  6. Just another indian says:

    Very nicely written…Today’s politicians have washed these heroes out of the memories of people. Corrupt Bureaucrats and judges don’t care either about this country or its people. There’s race going on to amass as much ill gotten wealth as is possible. Millions are dying of hunger…Who cares? I remember these heroes on 23rd March every year, but practically does it make any difference. Gandhi and his stooges have mothed this country beyond repair. Division in the name of religion, caste, colour, sex is highly prevalent. We are still pre – historic and a selfish creed of slaves.

  7. krishan kumar says:

    teri bewafai ne bedum kar diya
    wafa tumse ki tumne bewafa kar diya

  8. Rajinder Dhawan says:


  9. After reading this story, Irshad bhai, I am confuse to talk about your way of producing it or about Bhagat Singh first. Well, allow me to go with Bhagat Singh first my dear elder brother. It was just like Bhagat Singh suddenly has come to shiver me again. His entire history traveled through my mind. How he remained in exile at the same time producing a highly philosophical critical literature. It is very difficult to bind him in words or poetry. A good lot has been written about him. But they way you have remembered Bhagat Singh is remarkable. It was very intelligent of your part and literary as well. I wish his true literature apart from his romanticism towards freedom should come in sight now.

    This ‘ability to shook minds’ piece of writing from your side deserves special remarks. I being a reader and fan of you… Salute you dear brother!

  10. hazelbishwas says:

    Sharm ki baat hai ki humne uunhe yaad nahi kiya ….
    par badi fakra ki baat hai ki unko aap jaise kadardaan ne yaad kiya ………aapki ungliyon se tapakti ibaadath ki siyaahi ne unki mohabbat ko salaam kiya ..

  11. Sirajunnisha Malek says:

    Oh..maine toh kuch aur hi guess kiya tha. Main padhti gayi aur aankho ke saamne ek tasawir banti gayi… True lover-“Irshad kamil” aur unki mahobbat- “Writing”…But I do believe ki maine “alag” guess kiya…”galat” nahi..may be in future koi is tarah aap ka zikr kare,Sir…

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