December 26, 2009

Kaali Aurat Ka Khwaab…Padhiye aur Bataiye Kaisi Lagi

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61 responses to “Kaali Aurat Ka Khwaab…Padhiye aur Bataiye Kaisi Lagi”

  1. Irshad Kamil says:

    Babita Adhikari, Thank you.

  2. Tanmay says:

    Hi Sir,
    Jab Harry Met Sejal ke Safar gaane ke line
    “Neel pathron se meri dosti hai”
    me neel pathron ka matlab kya hai ?

  3. Irshad Kamil says:

    Dear Tanmay Ye “Neel Pattharon” nahin hai…”Meel Patharon” Hai means Milestones of the road.

  4. Pyare mohan says:

    Sir,,,the poetry of song (tum tak)is master piece) is a type of metapysical poetry ..

  5. Shweta says:


    Sometimes your lyrics scrape my pain..

    Sometimes your lyrics heal my wound..

    Sometimes your lyrics make me wonder how words play the game…

    Sometimes your lyrics make me ponder deep in my thoughts..

    Your words have the power to take someone to fly in the sky and also to bring back to earth and slowly let the emotions die..


  6. रवीश says:

    इरशाद साहब लैला मजनू के गीत के बारे में भी कुछ बताए खासकर हाफिज हाफिज के बारे में।,क्या आपका इशारा इश्क का इबादत हो जाने की तरफ है कि जब माशूक ही खुदा हो जाए, इश्क का इश्क हकीकी हो जाना।

  7. Jitin Saini says:

    Hi Sir , panghat Kal means?
    are you trying to say when the people use to drink water from the river banks?

  8. Irshad Kamil says:

    Pyare Mohan, Thank you.

  9. Irshad Kamil says:

    Shweta, Thank you very much Liking my work.

  10. Irshad Kamil says:

    Raveesh, Bilkul Yahi Baat Hai.

  11. Irshad Kamil says:

    Jitin, Yes you are right.

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